Friday, August 28, 2009


What product is worthy of my first post? It should be natural or recycled, produced by an environmentally conscious company, and be unparalleled in quality... Oh, the pressure! What will it be?!

...and the winner is... Sensuede!
Yes, Sensuede has been around for a while, but it's still without rival in the microfiber world. I haven't found another faux suede that measures up to its durability, versatility, stain resistance, and above all its green credentials. Sensuede was the first microfiber textile to be made entirely of recycled fibers.

Bonus: the poly fibers in Sensuede don't absorb stains. And its durability rating of 100,000 double-rubs means it'll last a long, long time, even in commercial applications.

I met one of the top guys in the company manning a booth at the Hospitality Expo in Las Vegas last year. He was
knowledgeable, sincere, and easy to talk to. His company has a great commitment to environmental responsibility: the production process uses a unique water-suspended system with no harmful solvents.

Where to get it: Sensuede is available through a number of distributors. Robert Allen offers over 100 colors, and Innovations carries some custom colors under their label Luxe Suede. I've also found it online at Calico Corners and a few other sites.

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